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Sai Miya Meer Ji laying foundation stone of Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar

Week 9

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Sikh community mark Vaisakhi by collecting food for charity

Vaisakhi is the most important day in the Sikh calendar and marks the formation of the Sikh community in 1699.

Vaisakhi Message From British PM

I send my best wishes to everyone in India, Britain and around the world celebrating Vaisakhi... 

Khalsa - An Initiated Sikh Community

Khalsa, derived from the word Khalas, meaning pure, is an initiated Sikh and community of Sikhs who are committed to truthful living, a life of purity... 

Thousands of Sikhs in Leeds hit the streets for Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi is one of the holiest days in the Sikh calendar and marks the birth of the Khalsa.

Baisakhi Celebrates History, Community, Unity in Los Angeles

A pleasant spring day in downtown Los Angeles was marked with an annual homage to a way of life and celebration of culture as thousands of Sikhs...

Over 1,700 Indian Sikhs arrive in Pakistan to celebrate Baisakhi

Over 1,700 Sikhs from India arrived in Pakistan on Saturday to celebrate Baisakhi festival at the historic Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Punjab province's Hasan Abdal town...  

Sikh parade to celebrate birth of faith

FINAL preparations are being made for a major procession in which thousands of Sikhs will march through Bradford this weekend...

Meet the World War One Sikh warrior running the Brighton Marathon

The man wearing the garb of the prestigious 15th Ludhiana Sikh regiment will be 27-year-old London Angad Singh...

Vaisakhi an open door to community

Vaisakhi is not only a huge day for the Sikh community, it is one of the most visible celebrations in the city...

Law amendment leads to new demands from Sikhs

A new employment law allowing Sikhs to wear turbans in all work places has been welcomed by the borough’s community... 

Anita Alvarez Stands up as a defender of the sikh community 

To help Sikhs to gain their equal rights, Illinois State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has emerged as a helping hand to the humble community...

Sikh festival expected to draw crowds in Livingston

The 17th annual Sikh festival will make its way into town on Sunday, drawing crowds of more than 3,500 from all over California...

Filmmaker captures images of centuries old Sikh Festival

Darshan Singh, 37, of WroseShipley, will screen his film and show photographs on the Hala Mahalla festival at Kala Sangam Arts Centre in Bradford from April 6 to May 31... 

Canadian Sikh Scholar,Dr.Ragbhir Singh Bains wins Prime Minister's Volunteer Award 

Dr. Bains has been honoured in recognition of hie tremendoues achievements...

New Zealand Sikh MP: Kirpan Should Be Allowed on Planes

New Zealand parliament’s first Sikh MP has called for legislation to allow carrying of the kirpan — a Sikh ceremonial dagger — while traveling in planes... 

Britain’s Sikh Community Asks For War Memorial For Sikhs Who Fought In First World War

Britain’s Sikh community are tightening their grip over the outcome of the upcoming general election with the Sikh Federation writing to the main candidates in over 100 constituencies urging them to adhere...

UK Sikhs Celebrate Sikh Environment Day in Smethwick Today

Sikhs from Sandwell and Birmingham come together to celebrate Sikh Environment Day, the start of the Sikh New Year (Nanakshahi 547) and Birth Anniversary of the 7th Guru Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji... 

Meet Jasreen Kaur, One of the first Sikh women in the US air force

Meet Senior Airman Jasreen Kaur from the U.S. Air Force 69th Reconnaissance Group, Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota! She recently re-enlisted in the Air Force...

The Parmigiano Punjabis

A documentary chronicles the Sikhs who saved the Italian cheese industry... 

Pakistan endorses green plans for Sikh shrines

Washington: Pakistan officials have endorsed a plan to explore green projects at Nankana Sahiband Kartarpur, the most sacred Sikh shrines in the country... 

San Jose's Guru Nanak Khalsa School Celebrates 25 Years

Guru Nanak Khalsa School California recently marked its 25th anniversary...

Punjabi James Bond: The Super Sikh

Super Sikh comics for children launched recently by Silicon Valley-based senior financial executives Supreet Manchanda and Eileen Alden.... 

Punjabi Sikh-Mexican American community fading into history

Born to a Punjabi Sikh father and Mexican mother, her family was full of cultural...

Queensland Police Comissioner condemns racism against Sikhs and others

Queensland police comissioner Ian Stewart has co-signed an open letter...

Sikh artwork on display at Texas University

The Sikh tradition has long been at the forefront of social innovation. The Institute of Texan Cultures, a unit of the University of Texas at San Antonio, is hosting an exhibition titled ‘Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab...

Rare Exhibition “Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab” on Display in Texas

A Smithsonian exhibition featuring the history and culture of the Sikhs is on display in San Antonio, TX until January 2016.  The exhibition focuses on the lives of the Sikh Gurus... 

Sikh Women making history, shaping history.Serving in the military 

Against this backdrop it is significant that Sikhism, one of the world's youngest religions, accorded women complete equality with men in all spheres of life over five hundred years ago.... 



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Uganda - Entebbe Gurdwara

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Posted on 18 February 2013.
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